Advertisement design over the past 8 years.  
Soon after designing her own fabulous wedding in 2001 and loving the process, my good friend Victoria Canada decided to start her own business. In 2002 it became official. Victoria Canada Weddings and Events was born. We started with the design of a business card, as well as an ad introducing her trademark avatar in a teal and chocolate color scheme. I've watched her grow and succeed on all levels. She comes to me with ideas and I take them and run with it. There's a high level of trust. Maybe it's because we're friends, or maybe it's that Great Minds Think Alike? (ha ha...something she tells me quite often). I'm excited for the new fall ad design. I am updating the logo, adding a custom illustration and some fresh color, while Victoria, with her fun sense of humor, has added a list of alternative Titles to her name, including "BFF, Referee, Sounding Board,...and Sherpa." The images below show my process as well as the final outcome. 
Inspiration comes in many forms. This photo was taken of Victoria and I on a girls trip to LA. I used it to help create the very first ad you see below. 
ad, circa 2003
*illustration for the 2011 Phoenix Bride and Groom Magazine by Jessica Durrant.
All the others by Becky Ankeny design. 
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