Rising Up to the occasion 
Event design for Rise Up International's flagship store launch party
Rise Up International is a cooperative of artists, idealists, and entrepreneurs, who are using art,humanitarian projects, and grass roots organizing to create positive socialchanges in the world. I had the pleasure of helping promote the grand opening of their first flagship store in downtown Phoenix on April 12, 2008. In an effort to spread awareness, a launch party was held at Glyphics Design the night prior. Nelson Stickle and I were the main event designers in charge of printed invites, event coordination, planning and design.*  So many generous people from the community came together to donate their talents and help support this wonderful event, that went off without a hitch. It's really cool to see how design can impact the world. I urge you to support, buy a t-shirt, attend an event, or just be inspired...  http://riseupinternational.com

*note: I did not design the Rise Up logo and tagline
Print ad for Java Magazine
Traditional wheat-paste poster promo of Rise Up artwork. Photo by Ryan Brannen. 
A Step-and-Repeat wall created with hand-cut logo template, spray paint, &  burlap, captured the essence of Rise Up and served as a backdrop for event photos. 
Event invite design 
Live art by Joerael Elliott. Music by DJ Al Page. Cool dance moves by Rise Up volunteers. 
Thank you Thank you Thank you ....to all the friends and family that helped support. 
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